Week of 2/5

Mike is back!!! So glad to have you back, Mike!

Hope you’re all keeping motivated for our Biggest Loser Challenge! We’ll have some week 2 results soon, but let’s talk recipes.

Staying motivated is tough. Especially if you’re eating boiled chicken and microwave broccoli for every meal. Don’t do that. Part of eating healthy is variety in cooking. CrossFit is constantly varied, and your diet should be, too. Find a food blog, FB page, instagram, or Pinterest whatever that you enjoy and follow it. Just make sure it’s not Epic Meal Time. My favorites are Nom Nom Paleo and Food 52. This week being super cold reminded me of one of my favorite paleo recipes. It’s a cauliflower leek soup, and it’s AWESOME! Click here for the recipe.

Click here for this week’s workouts.


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