Updates and Athlete Spotlight

Happy Monday, folks! One announcement for you. This Saturday will be Bring a Friend Day! It will be a free class for anyone that brings someone, but it’s not a requirement. It will still be Body By Brooke, so come ready to work!
And now for our Athlete Spotlight! This week’s spotlight is on… Andrew Kelly!! Andrew was one of the winners of our Biggest Loser competition, and I bet there are lots of things you didn’t know about him!
Before: October 2017
After: Spring 2018
I have been at Crossfit Kirkwood for a little over 2 years. My cousin, Brian Pfotenhauer, had been bugging me for years about trying CrossFit. At the beginning of 2016, I gave in and have been loving it ever since. 

Three things about me:
1) My wife Marjorie and I just can’t seem to stop having kids. Thomas (6) Elizabeth (3) and Marjorie Jane (aka MJ) (1) are expecting a baby brother or sister around Halloween.
2) About a year ago, I left my Dad’s company (on good terms) and started my own business building houses. My new company is MK Custom homes. I have one home finished and for sale in Kirkwood (307 Frieda Ave.). So, if anyone is looking for a new house, you should buy it. Also, I have one under construction in Webster Groves on 125 W Thornton Ave. That house is up for grabs as well. My website is mkcustomhomes.com; I do custom homes and remodeling. My card is on the board at the gym. (Cheap plug, sorry)
3) I am a 4th degree black belt in Chinese Kempo and taught martial arts for about 12 years. I also trained in Judo, Jiu Jitsu, and Systema. My instructors’ instructor was Joe Lewis, who trained with Bruce Lee. Though, I was never able to play ping pong with a nunchuck, Also, I competed against Raymond Daniels in 2002. He is currently the Bellator Kickboxing welterweight champion. It did not go well for me.
Andrew, you are an absolute pleasure to have in the gym! Keep up the good work!

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