Athlete Spotlight

Our spotlight today is Neil Jones! Neil has been our head trainer at Crossfit Kirkwood for almost 4 years.  As of this week, Neil has decided to take on a full time engineering position. He has been a great asset to our gym and will be greatly missed. Not only is Neil an outstanding coach but he’s a kind, genuine person at heart. Please wish Neil luck with his new adventure and thank him for his great work at Kirkwood. We will still bully him once and awhile to come to a WOD with us!

About Neil….

*How long have you been a part of the Crossfit community?

About 10 years ago, I started doing CrossFit at Club Fitness.

*What did you do before Crossfit?

I ran. A lot. Back in high school, I ran about 50 miles a week. My fastest mile was 5:08.

*3 other things you’d like people to know about you.

  1. When I was 4, I fell out of a 2-story window. I believe it stunted my growth and kept me from being an NBA all star.
  2. My favorite movie is Here Comes the Boom. It’s not the smartest or most meaningful movie, but it makes me laugh.
  3. I have greatly enjoyed my time at CrossFit Kirkwood. You are an amazing group of people, and I am proud to have helped your athletic pursuits. You can always shoot me your workout questions or PR videos. Keep up the great work!

Brooke will be taking over for a while, an more information will come on that later. Thanks for everything, gang!

Also, I used to have really long hair. It was awesome, but Amie won’t let me grow it out, again.


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