ltrowTraining for a 5k? Half marathon? Ironman?!? Probably not. More than likely, you are just tired of coming in last place during running workouts. Maybe you hope for a workout that is less than 5 minutes. Maybe you despise the rower.

But it’s time to turn all of that around. Laura Terry will put you through interval workouts specifically designed to improve your endurance. And they will be hard. BUT… then they will get a little easier. And even easier after that. Soon, you will find yourself PASSING people during the running part of workouts! You will pr your mile. And your 800m. And your 400m. And your 500m row.

Before you know it, you will be a full-on endurance junkie. You’ll sign up for 5k’s, rowing competitions, and tri-athalons. You’ll get a special shadow box custom built to hold all of your medals. You’ll have special shoes and fanny  packs to carry your water/GU/iPod. You may even buy bike shorts…

Or maybe you won’t. Maybe you will just get faster. Maybe your workout times will improve. Maybe you’ll actually catch your grandkids when you’re chasing them. Try her class on Sunday mornings and/or her programming on Tuesdays, and watch your fitness improve!

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