Tracking Progress

Found this gem in the dark, dusty bins at the gym.  It made me think of 2 things:  how much I’ve grown in the years I’ve been doing Crossfit and I feel it’s time to move from paper/pencil to something a little more user friendly.

Starting next week, the packet bins will be gone!  For those of us that hold our packet near and dear to our heart, please put it in the office.  I’ll have a small bin for people who prefer the packet.  For the rest of us, we’re moving to Sugar WOD.


This is  great place to store max efforts, benchmark workouts and track your activity each week.  You can be as involved with it as you want.  It’s super easy to use, and you can export your information in a spreadsheet.  If a workout calls for 5 x 5 back squats at 70%, it calculates it for you!


You might be saying, “I just come workout and don’t need/want to track my progress.”  I’ll challenge that statement by saying, goals are good!  They keep us focused and it’s fun to celebrate each other when we achieve them.  Remember your first kipping pull up? Double under?


Check out my first Fran time!






Then there’s Jeff’s packet…what the heck happened to it?? Was a 3 year old documenting his scores 🙂


Point being…it’s important to document progress, at the minimum, have your max lifts for percentages and benchmark WODs. 

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