Programming – Week of 7/10

It happens. Just when you’re really falling into a routine of meal prep, good sleep, and exercise, you have one weekend where you go a little off the rails. And maybe the diet slips a little the next week. Before you know it, your fridge is full of leftover pizza and chinese take-out. It happensContinue reading “Programming – Week of 7/10”

Programming – Week of 4/3

I don’t know about you, but I am SO HAPPY to be back to regular training! I wanted to give you all a heads up that we are coming to the end of our current strength cycle. Mark your calendars for the week of 4/24. We’ll be finding 1RM all week!! Click here for thisContinue reading “Programming – Week of 4/3”

CrossFit Games Open – Battle of the Sexes Update

With the game on the line, the men came through and won week 4!!! That means that we’re all tied up going into the final week! Winner take all! Check out at 7 pm tonight to watch the final workout announcement. Most people are predicting thrusters – what do you think?

Programming – Week of 3/20

Raise your hand if you’re hoping there are no wall balls this week. Or just nod if your shoulders are too tired. We are almost done with the Open! Just one workout to go! Make sure to submit your scores before Monday at 7 pm. Click here for this week’s workouts. Click here for thisContinue reading “Programming – Week of 3/20”

Autism Speaks Color Run Info

Hey gang! Brett has some information on the Color Run and how you can help raise money for Autism Speaks. Hi everyone, I wanted to pass along information about a color run that part of the proceeds go to Autism Speaks.  There is information about volunteering.  I am going to be volunteering for the laterContinue reading “Autism Speaks Color Run Info”

Grip Series I: Deadlift

Grip is an incredibly important part of exercise, and a part that we sometimes overlook. Over the next few weeks, we’ll tackle some of the different movements and some variations of grips. Up first, the deadlift. Look at Riggs crushing this deadlift! Back is flat, feet are just inside hip width, and the hands areContinue reading “Grip Series I: Deadlift”