Goals Post Quarantine I posted this visual last summer. I think now is a great time to revisit it. Without judging yourself, where do you think you fall? Where were you during quarantine? Where would you like to be? If you’re content with where you are, what have you done to get there? In orderContinue reading “Goals”

Stay Motivated

Here is a great article from CrossFit on why people tend to stick with CrossFit longer than other workout programs. What this article really boils down to is two things: 1. CrossFit breeds a strong community. A sense of “we’re in this together.” 2. There are always new goals to pursue. Kirkwood is especially goodContinue reading “Stay Motivated”

New York City?!?!

Yep! I just got back from a little vacay in the Big Apple with Amie!! While taking in the sights, I was walking down a busy New York street thinking, “Man, I haven’t done a burpee this whole vacation!” Just at that moment, I walked by this sign: Thanks for the reminder, universe. We hadContinue reading “New York City?!?!”

What’s Happening?

Soooooo… now that I’ve had a chance to catch up, let’s see what’s been going on! Last week, we upped the ante on double unders by making the Rx 50 UNBROKEN. Yikes! Definitely puts an interesting twist on it. Did anyone have flashbacks to Flight Simulator? Joseph, John Joe, and Val get extra props forContinue reading “What’s Happening?”